Saturday, November 7, 2009

Loving life as a 1 year old!

Audrey has quite the eventful first month as a 1 year old! We took a trip down to our old hometown of San Antonio to see Notre Dame take on Washington St. The game was on halloween so Audrey went as her fav QB Jimmy Clausen! Here's a few pics from the trip and a few of us just hanging around the house! She's getting sooo big!!!

About to take a cruise along the San Antonio river - and not so sure about it!

Attempting to take a nice family picture - Pay attention Dad!

Here we are back home. Audrey woke up with the most serious case of bedhead I've ever seen! And she is still lacking in the department!! Oh, how I wish for the days when I can put her hair in a pony tail! I'm sure I'll be kicking myself once that day comes, but a girl can dream, right!?!

Hanging on her stoop, bringing the maximum cheese factor!!

Just being cute, as usual!

As you've seen from past posts, Audrey is a master of funny faces! Here's another to add to her repertoire!!

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