Thursday, August 12, 2010

A post about ice cream

Who doesn't love ice cream??? Honestly, I have no idea... I love ice cream, Ben loves ice cream. You know who really loves ice cream? Audrey. You know who really, REALLY loves ice cream? Hays. We found this out the other night (well, not really. Hays has quite the affinity for people food) when ventured out to our local DQ and Miss A brought home a delectable chocolate (or as Audrey calls it "chaaawwwcklate") cone. Here's what followed:

Audrey, obviously enjoying her ice cream

(in my best Hays voice) "uh, hi, yeah, can i have some of that???"

"uh, please?"

"you're gonna have to catch me first, dog!"

"well, ok, you can have a little lick..."

And you know Hays ate up that cone like it was going out of style
The look on Audrey's face is priceless

poor kid...
**All lost cones were promptly replaced**

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