Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welcome to the world baby Claire!

Claire is here!!! Here is the short and sweet version of her birth because that is exactly what it was...short & sweet!

Claire's birth story:

Checked into the hospital at 7am for scheduled induction on June 2, 2011
Went through paper work, got iv in around 8am with fluid & pitocin. I was 3cm 60% effaced.
I started to feel contractions as they gradually got stronger, went to the bathroom at about 9am and felt a small pop - my water had broken! Afterwards, contractions started pick up, coming every 2-3 minutes and felt mostly in my back. I asked for the epidural and was prepped and given the dose by 10... This was by far the hardest part of the day - waiting for anesthesiology to show up! (just like Audrey). After, I felt pretty drugged up and foggy so I just closed my eyes while Ben watched the French open and we listened to Michael buble radio on pandora... At about 11:30, our nurse checked me and I was 10cm but had no urge to push. Dr. Jhaveri was called in and got to our room at 12:15. The room was prepped and I was told I could start to push even though I didn't feel the need to. I pushed 2 times for 2 minutes and Claire McKim Cooke was born at 12:35pm. 6lbs, 12oz & 19.75 inches

We are now home and loving our life as a family of 4!!!

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MomMom said...

love love love her

MomMom said...

need more pics of Claire asap!