Thursday, July 21, 2011

Want to see a really cute baby...

I should really be writing these things down in claire's baby book, but I find myself checking here to see what Audrey was doing at this age. Anyway, claire is 7 weeks old today! She weighs just a smidge under 9 pounds I would say she's about 21 inches long. She is a wonderful sleeper!!! She did an 8 hour stint at exactly 3 weeks old, then it was back to about 6 hrs for a couple weeks. As soon as she hit 6 weeks, she has been consistently sleeping 9 hour stretches...usually 9ish to 6! I know we hit the sleeping jackpot with both of the girls, and for that I am so grateful! They must know momma likes her sleep!

And seriously, could this child be any cuter?!?!

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MomMom said...

no she could not be any cuter