Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year, New Decade = Bad Blogger

Many apologies to my millions of readers out there that have been waiting on pins and needles for an update to the blog! Truth is my computer is a piece of crap and I couldn't be bothered with the 30 minutes it usually would take to post 1 picture. Anyway, I promise to do better :)

Well, we got some snow up here in Cleveland and what better way to play in the snow than go sledding - so that's what we did!

Audrey met up with her "boyfriend" Tyler :)

Still not completely sure about this whole snow thing...

Mommy & Audrey at the bottom of the hill

Ha ha ha! Check out Ben's face!!!!

1 comment:

MomMom said...

weeeeee! looks like Audrey is a real daredevil.