Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pool Day

Well, not's freaking freezing outside!!! Since it's January and the dreams of lounging by the pool are many months away, we improvised and had a pool day in Mommy & Daddy's bathtub! Audrey & I threw on our bathing suits (yes, both of us... Note to self: Do NOT put a bikini on in January unless you want a serious wake up call. Hmmm, I wonder why I logged 4 miles in 32 degrees today! )

Anyway, we had a blast and are counting down the seconds until we can spend time at the REAL pool!

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MomMom said...

that looks like SO much more fun that what I did today!

Fed Mom said...

Looks like fun! I might steal the idea to entertain Caitlin. Love the updates to the blog! Stacey