Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Cold in Cleveland'

Well, there's not much to do when it's January in Cleveland so here's what we've been up to lately!

First, we're taking a stab at potty training:

Could these be any more embarrassing??

Next, we play in the snow for about 5 minutes

And, finally we eat chocolate chip cookies to warm up our rosy cheeks!

And here's BC 2 in the belly at 19 weeks (I think?)

Stay warm!!!

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Kiki said...

Cuuuute! And congratulations on baby girl #2! And I'm going to check out Blogpress for my iPad! I've been wanting to blog on it, but haven't yet... :) Kiki

JK said...

Beautiful haircut kiddo! Looking a little pregnant now Amanda ... stay warm! Not much to do here in PA either :-(