Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tap, tap: is this thing on?

Well, here I am with my new years resolution to keep this blog a little more up to date! Actually, my access to modern technology had pretty much gone down the toilet...until now! I'm coming straight to you live from my new iPad!! No excuses now, right!?! Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

Anyway, on to the most important news of all... I'm pleased to reintroduce baby Cooke #2:

And for those of you who like a little more detail:

Aahhh, I don't know, these 4d pictures are a little much, but still fun to see!

Oh, and if you are wondering, Audrey is going to have a:

Yup, baby Cooke is another GIRL!!!

Happy New Year!

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JK said...

Hi Cookes - wow those ultrasound pics are great! I just checked in and saw your updates, so fun! So glad to see all is well. Miss you! xo